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mission drive within everything
Rythem Rhyme and a bit of the Sublime
Art All Art the world is a stage all the men and women mearly artists
M.A.G. Corp
To live is to be alive
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Sitting here Waiting for the sun
If the son don't come
I'll ban him from the garden
And he'll not get a tan
From standing in the English rain
Moody Blues Suede kicking off your shoes
I like to sing in perfect harmony
Fee figh foe fum
would you like a bit o' rum
A smoke a smoke
My kingdom for a smoke
Now where's that darned lighter
A tit for tat a chit for chat
Living in the lime light
With Today's Tom Sawyer
Down on bended knee
with pads to keep from brusing
Missing all my friends
Whom i seem to keep on losing
back to back face to face
Back off or you'll put me in my place
Place space race lace
itchy and scratchy
Morphius the King
Patch the royal wizard
Aura The Queen
Zimm The grand vazir
Mattie The Heir
and Jaib the princess with a pea
Here I am
All in all
Decifer this
and there'll be a ball