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Born to Baby boomer Era Parents in 1965, My Dad a strict devoted Union man and my Mom a Woman of independence and capable of surviving raising children and financially supporting them as Dad ventured into Union stock and small relestate invesments, the two ran a tight house-conservative and all needs met Im sure better then they may have had to sacrifice in their upbringing. We lived on the Snake River in a town called Page it only had two houses ours and a nieghbor which till the age of three when we reloctated to Spokane Washington I understood that we didn't really find the nieghbors all that compatible. My mom raised a large garden I recall a room full of Violets and another with open windows where Qail took flight from being hatched and raised from an incubator , also I recall the Owl bird house my Dad built and hung on the shed next to the garden, My Father saved several rattle snake rattles that he saved me from close encounters. The train stopped right outside our front door that took us to the old and now redeveloped riverfront Park , the old depot to go to visit my great grandmother a homesteader in the north of Spokane she lived through wars of One and Two loosing a husband to each and was remarried She once held status of a large land owner where the crop was wheat, lost after the war she had a reputable grocery store she saved everything and found a use for it even the wrap off the new grocers way of selling meat the twities off the bread so in fall the corn could be shucked wrapped tied and frozen she was a provider, a goofy carring and lovving lady,...
Iwent to elementary school at Holmes until 4th grade where the system began to fail into retaliation in my opinion due to overcrowded classes and the new intigration of diversefied schools in the city it didtn't get as bad as some states in history however time will show the truth of time. My 3rd year was a class combined with 4th grade students and I pretty much know thats why I ended up in speacial ed. Moved into fourth grade where a teacher assaultd the young female students of our class and breaking the arm of one of my classmates My Parents changed me into a Catholic school student by 5th grade,. I left behind the Boyscouts and my mother as pack leader invested her energy into makking Wedding Cakes which intern developed into a catering business.. Since Birth this was the first time weekends were filled we no longer took the journey to visit my mothers Parents of the mouth of Spirit Lake Idaho where my Dad spent his time fly fishing Brickle creak the stream that above ground glaciary white watery fed the 7 mile lake. My Great grandmother sewed my wool pant uniforms for school, as well uniforms for my mothers catering business which had really blossomed we workked 3 weddings a day almost every weekend. In 1974 Nixon spoke at the Worlds fair and made our city a vast multicultured community which slowly eveloprd into a more diverse nieghborhoods of the city. My Grandparents must have missed us they retired early and invested in a Bar And Restaraunt 1974 Of Rathdrum Idaho, My parents worked every weekend selling the last of the 20's left over mixed drinks with all those funny names muddled shakken stirred cubed crushed or picked ice, Beer the biggest and cheapest seller, however the live music every weekend really packed the house We were the busiest business in the city
I washed dishes soon to wait tables and onto cook we called it the bar run as we served homemade everything till 3 am. In high school at Lakeland Of Rathdrum I became Banquet organizer for Stoneridge resort where I remained in school and workked for two years until I was proposed the job as the only chef of Sedelmyers Resort of Spirit Lake where my Parents had relocated our drinkking water was right from the Lake ,Workking now More demands fulltime I dropped out of school and finished the 11th grade.
In 1983 I relocated to San Antonio Texas to within three months sorta befriend an aunt my Fathers sister Id enrolled as a student at the community college got my GED as well took a fulltime class load in sociology algebra radio telivision film and english which I did poorly in I worked at so many jobs in such a short time and lived all over the city where IA $9000.00 grant certified me as a CNA, met up with my first ex wife an American born Minisota girl from Korean imigrant mother she was an army wife and I was a army husband .. We relocated to Fairbanks Alaska where I found work at Wendys and Pizza hut depressed one day I journied off and ended up in Delta junction along the way Cheena hot springs and a bath in the Tanana River securing a jop as a Bartender fibbing about my age to get hired the job lasteg the spring summer and into early fall before the owner found out my real age as well my wife served me anullment papers and by the bone chilling fall down pouring monsoonal like rain it was time to head to California where Mc Donalds gainfully employed me as a commercial licenced driver it was time to claim residency in the Sanfernando Valley however at the motor veichle department my car would not pass inspection leaving me holding a permit that revoked my privelages from drivving without a person of legal age, Bummer a couple tickets latter and expenses like court costs and fine plus the remedy to render the cituation I relocated to San Diego where I applied at the Hotel Coranado never did get hirred however lived with the convention coridinator for a short time before my relocation to San Bernidino where I met Donald Mowabray a International fashion Designer who hooked me up to house sit a coe--op in New York where I relocated to until my mother decided now that she was ready to sell her restraunt which she had to buy from my grandparent due to thier incapacties to continue the demand it required . My only sibbling sister thought I was a cool rock star she was my everything had my ability to provide more in her younger years just so much more..
Back to Spirit Lake as the chef and only one again as my Mom now the new owner of Sedelmyers Resort and the Mill Creek Inn Restaraunt sold to another couple in early retirement, We rocked the place busiest season ever as well stressfull the health department closed us down the weekend of the fourth of July due to the Lake water contaminated and condemed for commercial use expediantly she had a well put in which went dry in two weeks so water purification was as easy to take from the lake and chloranate it passed inspections and we remained open for only down time of about a week. That summer a old aqaintence stopped through town we became best of freinds even bed buddies for awhile introduced me to amphetimines where it was a chronic problem and as the business was slowly incurring one tradgedy after another so had my parents relationship as well my reckless drivving ticket for totaling my moms new car at 130 miles per hour the tire blew out as Id been searching the clubs for my of age aqaintence from Sandpoint Idaho to Cheney Washinton defying all road rules the tree that finally came to be the resting place of all the debris was completely ripped from the ground roots and all as well lucky to be alive the summer was in its finallies the new owners of the Mill Creek Inn defaulted leaving my mother responsible for incurred debts of excess 60,000 and the resort still not escrowed into her name as the legal bitter sweet ness of seperation can bite It rekindled my dad from the bar drinking and off the coach as a ten year phase he had and back to work as well back to my mother where they resolved their diffrences. As October set upon us and the diffrences we all had I took my sister by canoe to the deepest part of the Lake we swam and wittnessed the largest trout we'd ever seen before parting way it took me with my aqaintence a well driller through the gorge where as wittness to bloated fowl upon the lake where gold mine residues had contaminated it beyond nice. Landing two weeks later in Susinville California makking way into Reno Nevada where my start began with a duffle bag containing a change of clothes a hair dryer and barely enough personal hygene things to get my first job at Dennys as a graveyard cook, lasted about a 3 month time before they laid me off due to cut backs the first month already in my own studio apartment and onto Taco Bell to train as assistant manager as the store grew so was the area a new Taco Bell was being built and in the re raff of all the new employees we parted ways . With help from new met aqaintences one becxomming a roomate and investor with me in the purchase of a condo overlooking the arch of the Biggest Little city in the world, opened my own Deli next to an alternative club off the strip my moneies mainly came from high class drakqueens ordering Houer derves for shows which was a weekly thing as well the annual nationwide show held just a block away at the Sands Motel and casino.
This is the city where I met my second wife a native of the Phippines as in Love as I was now workking at the Eldorado and makking the big bucks it all came to a shattering crash in the minutes of a phone call from my Dad He said my sister had been invoved in an accident she fell from the back of a truck crushing her brain stem. It hit me so hard Angry Sad And confused also we'd just took all our savvings into soon to be faltering investments as my bolistic behavior landed me in jail and incapable of the ability to think clearly the monetary expenses and stress of it all ended my second marrige In five years my Dad hadn't really spoke with me only my mom my grandparents as well my sister and aunts and uncles came to visit He was two weeks prior my sisters death to visit with my mom and her my little sister before a young boy let her ride in the back of a truck where even while police followed claiming that there was no mis hap other then her fall from out of no where the boys mother was being tried in court with charges of conterfitting as well ties to sevral bombings in the northwest leading to the arian nation a white supremecy group invoved in militia and hatred. It sickens me beyond me life time allows me to live...
Meeting up with a new roomate from mexio going to citizen ship school and workking at a five star Restraunt with new menus every month as well a host chef which streamed in from all over the world My divorce was still sitting on an attorneys desk when we where investigated for fraud marrige my new roomate got caught up in the hassle as well found out he was workking illegally and our relationship blossomed I movved back with my wife to not be and we sent him to live with my parents wher he quickly earned his keep as a house guest doing odd chores and eventually workking her restraunt as a dishwasher helper to the staff where he expidited to house chef creating a valuable menu within a year back home in Idaho is where it began again for me A bartender at the Silverwood amusement park and adventuaully back under the thumb of my moms establishment I worked for three years until we had a melt down the business had blossomed from 20 dollar days into 2000 dollars a night an to much to handle as help was always temporary troubled youths who where not committed to the long haul..
Adventually I went back to nursing doing in home care in Washington and Idaho clear to the coast specializing in geriatrics as well neck brain and spinal cord injuries..In 1996 I saught help from a weasle of a phycaitry doctor i ended up as a bipolar diagnosed patient in the psych-ward for two weeks and a bill for 400,000 $$$ wow Im now a disabled person and just last year spent another three months out at a state hospital terrible experience lots of medications later 400 lbs and diabetic with sleep apnia I reside in the valley of Spokane Washington and commute to see my mom daily where my friend from Reno now runs her restraunt it is for sale again .. As Opurtunity knocks my plans are to visit Mexico where my friends sister grows and ships flowers internationally my Mom is now in the Flower Shop business and as for now I spend my time seeking info on waste water purification , Rain water , politics as a regersted voter and no diplomatic courses available in our area I just ramble around from town to town and known as the crazy one entertainer of the block annoyance to some occasionally and pretty much spend my energies trying to get healthier beat the micro....