Each of the five castes of Solar Exalted are known for different skills or attributes, and they all have unique powers focused through their Anima Banners

Dawn Caste Solar Exalted- The Exalts of Dawn are the warriors of the Solars, masterful in every facet of the art of combat. To compensate, they rarely excel at any mental or social skills. When they exert their Anima, the sheer might of the Unconquered Sun flows through and any foes near him are scared witless.

Zenith Caste Solar Exalted- The Exalts of Zenith are the priests of the Unconquered Sun, competent in the skills required to teach, preach, and rule. On the other hand, they are known for fanatical adherence to rules, to the point of being incapable of bending in some situations. The exerted force of their Anima can prevent corpses from rising as Undead or even decimate already risen zombies and ghosts.

Twilight Caste Solar Exalted- The Exalts of Twilight are the scholars of the Solar groupings, capable of great working with Lore and Artifice. This does mean that they have a reputation for both social ineptitude and frailty. When they expend power through their Anima, a shimmering defensive barrier is projected around the things or people they need to protect.

Night Caste Solar Exalted- The Exalts of Night are the assassins and thieves of the Solar castes, fleet of foot and possessing sharp marksmen’s eyes. They are known for being somewhat cold socially, as they tend to hide many things, and being low in Stamina to reflect their extremely lithe frames. Their expended Anima force can disguise them from the sight of other people, and even from magical detection.

Eclipse Caste Solar Exalted- The Exalts of the Eclipse are the ambassadors of the Solars to the world at large, silver-tongued and pleasant in visage. They are not known for any remarkable weakness, instead they are generalists with no major high points. Their expended Anima powers can be used to sanctify oaths in such a way that all the gods will punish the oath breaker.

A tale attributed to many Perfect Circles over the years involves the group being ambushed by a rival mage or Exalt, and the foe saying
"You call yourself a Perfect Circle, but I can plainly see there is no Night Caste member her-GHK!!"