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understand nothing, obataining nothing, being exactly what I am suppose to be right now right in this place that I am in.
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What is acknowledgement but some attempt to put meanless labels on something simple, I am what I am.
"An ignorant man knows not wisdom, he grow like a bull, his flesh grows but not his mind." What the Buddha Taught Walpola Râhula
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Being and Nothingness (fiction)
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This is were I am suppose to write something about myself but who really cares. All that it does is give you a fake idea of what I really am. People do not really care and I do not care enough to tell yall anyways, so let me just say that a personality is interconnected, that its a series of event put together to make up the whole. In saying this I want to show that what I am is deeper that what word can say, and to say them would not truely be able to give the full picture of what makes me what I am. I know that, even to me a little, this sound a bit egotistical but that is not my intention, there are times that I am of little word, even when I write, I am just going to let nature take its course that is all, and perfect my craft.

I suppose, I should start by saying why I have desided to join I am going to write to put my voice out there and more than just the little blogs and in journals. I am going to be out there so that I can here what my voice sounds like again, so good writing all keep those keyboards clicking!

I saw someone elses homenode and I thought, allow yourself the opportunity to say something about what brought here to the noderverse would be in the right.

Back before I could remember I grew up around people that had a gift with storytelling, they had a well carfted shtick, routine. They commanded everyones attention, just by, as I thought back then, simple little things that grew in them over time, long and short pauses, at critical parts in the story. They could read an audiance and know what to give and when to give it. They would come into a story with a roaring voice or soft, strong unfaultering presence, or a meek and meager one. All so they could convey some sort of a facade, some sort of deeper understanding of what the story was, so they could, become the story.

Looking at that now I know that I have wanted to be able to do that, I wanted to be the center of a group stalking this way and that seeing littles children's eyes light up when they new that I was going to be reading/storytell, the same effect that I got when I was a little one. I have been doing that but now it falls on deaf ears, I have not been around the right people to just that. Those that are around me do not know the slight ways I talk. I listen to what I say, I feel it in my heart it comes from me and is not just said. These other around me do not listen, they are in a sleep walk unaware of what is a round them just doing the the things that they do to get by. The are unable to see witout thinking of ways to beg borrow and steal there way to some imaginary top of the food chain, this is becide the point for me.

I find that, when I talk about things, anything really that most do not listen, because do not follow the norm,being a free spirted sort, I am very radical in what I say, and that I do not jump this way and that so that people can understand what I am saying,if they want to understand what I have to say all they have to do is ask but now, no one wants to they only look at what they see the superfical identity that they see not the person under the surface.

Before I begin to write more poetry I want to just type and type so that when I begin I have something worth while to say. saying things helps helps saying things be right i n mind thought speach those things that should matter to all of us.

I feel that I will put the in my homenode so that I can come back to it to remind myself where this all started. A sort of natural progression for my experiences. Likewise so that others can do all that the feel like, critical thoughts open minded opinions the whole gambit, as it were. We are all here to learn to grow in some way, shape or form, for me I am here to vent, somewhat at least for the time being, and of course come up with something that someone might think worth while to hear, supposedly. He says this as he gives a half hearted shrug =-/.