El Dia de los Muertos and dancing in graveyards with the souls of the dead. Chills lick the back of your neck sending spasms of blissful fear racing through your limbs. The orgasmic sensation of knowing that your mind is experiencing a plethora of stimulation caused from elements entirely non-human. Teasing your spine like its a xylophone the spirit of your ancestors do a soft shoe in a circle around you, heightening the skin all over your helpless body. You are lost in your darkest fears and your most desired dreams all at once. This is Halloween. This is Samhain. Blessed be.

The festivities begin. Will you walk away with your soul intact...or will you be changed? Will Death lay his hands upon you and whisper his secrets in your ear tonight? You hope so. Oh god, do you hope to feel his icy touch, to feel his breath against your goose pimpled skin. He’s in the air, cooling the fire which you stare into. You feel him in every breath you breathe. The air is thick tonight. As you breathe it in you feel it filter your blood. This same air has filtered others’ blood, those who have come before you, and those who will come after. All are present tonight. You can feel their air mixing with your air. Your blood mixing with theirs.

On this night time ceases to exist. The future and the past merge into one mauve blur. Colors and faces swirl before you. Yes that was your great grandfather’s childhood figure who passed you that dandelion in your hand. Doubt it not.

We come with no intent to harm, merely to celebrate your life. We are your life and you are ours. The body that lies decomposing under six feet of soil is no longer a vessel but merely an abandoned ship. Waiting in its darkened cell for the light of new beginning. The beginning that is sure to come. New creatures will bring it new life, and it will again become useful. As the sunken ships become new homes for marine life, thus, the body becomes a new home for earthen creatures. Fear not death. It is not the end. It is a threshold to a new beginning. All are one. ALL are ONE. We strive for the same end, only the means are ever changing. Happy Halloween. Happy Samhain. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.