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When I wake in cold sweat with the whispers of my past racing through my veins I vow that I will no longer ignore them but embrace them and follow them to a greater destiny that no other could ever understand.
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A snowy funeral procession
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Im just a girl. I have two eyes and I can see and hear, but I tend to feel things differently than most people. My anger does not enflame meas easily as it could; my words come out lighter than I intend. The rain falls on my head harder than it should. I fail to express myself in an understandable way. I look to the future. I dream of my past and coming lives, on Earth and on distant worlds/ I remember images of my soul's connection and sometimes I can vaguely grasp that silver chord that leads me home. All of this is in my mind.
On the outside I am usual and a figure easy to forget. Crawl into my dimension and I may scare you more than you would believe. If you are strong enough, and care more than the rest, you can survive and win my trust. Trust is a game I cannot follow. The pieces tend to fall off the board before I can hold them in my hand. But I try. I hope it will turn out alright.
In the late hours, with the woman in the moon watching, I ponder the mysteries of existance. True, this fades my energy, but in the end, when I uncover the lies, it will be worth all my trouble. And in the chamber of my heart, the stars will always shine as bright as heaven. Though Hell calls me back, the damnation we've created, I never distrust the angel of my sleep. With mauve feathers to cover me in the frost, my wings will keep me flying, into the lavender sunset.
In the midst of humanity, time swirling around me, my mind screams for salvation. My body aches for purification in this era of spraying filth. But I see the others in slow motion with me, in the only clean thoughts freezing through these streets. As they see me and discover I am one of them, they are relieved, as I am. But obstacles lay in our path to meet. So I must return to civilization.
Over centuries, disasters, and odd circumstances we remain the same. All are one. In this encasement I am a girl. But I long to know who I really am. I beg for help. Only together can we comprehend ourselves. So let's rejoice and continue our search for the rest of the others. Only then can we begin to use our power to belong in years of unbearable enigmas.