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I was born in December 9th, 1986, to the family of Sakari Helin (my father), that time a baker, nowadays a security guard / handyman, and his wife Eija, at that time a homemaker, nowadays a metal worker.

In my life it's all been a downhill since then, really. I don't know how much Chernobyl has to do with it, though.

In any case. For the first fourteen years of my existence I was quite a shallow, immature person. Then something happened, I'm not too sure what. I started to think about things. I acquired a taste for music (something I had shunned away before). I started to read, and boy did I read. I started to write. My English started to pick up. I made (well, make really) excellent grades in school.

I still don't know what happened when I turned fourteen. Maybe I, well, grew up. I did get depressed in summer 2002, but at that time I was already fifteen. That's how I became an atheist, in any case.

Anyway, this Golden Age had lasted for over one and a half years when the inevitable happened - I fell in love. She turned out to be a schizophrenic after five months of dating. She never had loved me. We are still friends but... this is increasingly starting to resemble a Gothic poem. Sorry.

I have devoted my life to Neon Genesis Evangelion ever since I saw it in early September, 2002. The anime changed my life. My every waking moment is spent pondering the symbolism and character interactions and workings of their minds. I had planned on becoming a math or a physics graduate, but now I'm leaning more on Finnish, English and humanistic sciences like sosiology, psychology and philosophy.

Interests (aside Evangelion):
- Writing (mostly scifi)
- Reading (scifi, philosophy and psychology)
- Your usual internet stuff (boards, IRC, E2)
- Final Fantasy and TBS games

30.09. 2002