Monster - an original work

I walk the streets, knowing that eventually one of black heart will choose me as his or her victim. I walk each night, hoping that I will be undisturbed, but tonight, as on every other night, it is not to be.

He starts following me when I am not far from my destination. He catches up and drags me into an alley. My heart is heavy with what I fear will transpire.

"I warn you to release me" I tell him.

He narrows his eyes at me, trying to judge if I could be a threat. He misjudges, as do they all. "I'll release you, when I'm through with you, whore!"

I don't struggle and he appraises me again, noting that I don't appear frightened. He continues with his attack upon me, pulling my skirt up and with his knife cutting through my nylons and exposing what he thinks is his prize.

"I give you one last chance to cease this folly now." I offer him one final escape before I must act against him.

He sneers at me as he holds the knife to my chest as he opens his pants, releasing himself for his attack.

He sheaths his knife when I fail to make any motion to free myself from his grasp. Grabbing me roughly, he enters. I gasp in reaction to the pain.

He smiles again and I finally act.

His eyes widen as I bare my fangs before burying them deep within his throat. He moans in reaction to the ecstasy of the dark kiss.

I draw just enough of his blood to weaken him, then I release him.

He falls back against the other wall of the alley and slides to a sitting position, staring at me in a daze.

"You were warned, and now you have received punishment for your actions." I kneel before him.

"This is only the beginning. I have only taken enough of your blood to make you a bit weak. You will not die unless it is by your own foolishness. However, you will remember. You will remember and you will desire to re-enact this moment, but to no avail. There will be nothing that you can find that can compare to what I have done to you this night, and you will never have this again. I have marked you. To vampires, you are now anathema. They will not approach and you will waste your life trying to recapture this moment. This is what you have earned by your actions."

With that said, I rise and leave him weeping softly in the alley.