According to the commercials, the XFL is intending to replace the NFL, which it refers to as the "No Fun League". The intent of the XFL is to make football a more visceral experience. The first time I heard the commercial talking about the XFL, I thought, "What? They're bringing rugby to the U.S.?"

One of the major changes from the NFL are the removal of the fair catch rule. During the 2001 season, there will only be eight teams: the Birmingham Bolts, the Chicago Enforcers, the Las Vegas Outlaws, the Los Angeles Xtreme, the Memphis Maniax, the NY/NJ Hitmen, the Orlando Rage, and the San Francisco Demons.

Another interesting change is the pay scale. Players are paid to win. Base pay in the XFL is $45,000 per season, with less (35,000) for kicking specialists, and more (50,000) for quarterbacks. Each player on the active roster of a winning team will receive another 2,500 dollars in incentive money. The winning Championship team players receive a $25,000 bonus.

Cheerleaders in the XFL are about a step away from strippers, according to the commercials. Apparently the Cheerleading in the XFL will have a definite emphasis on T & A, apparently moreso than the NFL cheerleaders.

All of this comes together to create a league which should make football more macho, which is another thing they tout in their commercials. I'll wait and see.