When the sun's glow slips into oblivion for another day and the sky becomes blanketed with a heavy darkness accentuated by the twinkle of a star here and there, it is night.

Ambient light pours from windows, and streetlamps, and headlights, and 24 hour convenience stores. Visibility is lowered in direct coorleation to the sun. People become more and more scarce. The world becomes a more desolate, lonely place. Environmental noise drops significantly, and smaller sounds become larger as the enveloping darkness seems to cause sound amplification. When you can imagine your fears with less distraction, it is night.

There are many who fear the night. The night is a deep, dark cave of secrets. However there is a lot that is revealed in the night that cannot be experienced during the day. The amber bounce of a streetlight on a damp sidewalk on a quiet road. Fireflies. Lovers enjoying the company of one another. Candlelight. The buzz of a flourescent sign in the window of a market. Natural darkness. The Earth's moon. The night is something to be enjoyed for what it is, when it comes. No matter what the time, it is night somewhere.

Enjoy the night, for tomorrow is promised to no one.