You think video games now-a-days are bad, whew, check out the old Arcade game NARC.

You are a hard working Narcotics officer patrolling the streets, busting scum-bags, hookers, dope dealers, and people wearing trench-coats. To protect civilized society from these vagabonds, you are equip with an automatic submachine gun, self-propelled grenades, oh and some silly handcuffs. All standard issue I am told. Proudly you march down the street, full riot gear on, greeting hordes of crackheads and drug peddlers with a hail of bullets. Whoops, there was one innocent guy over there. . .ah well, he moved suspiciously.

Lemme tell you, you are one bad muthafooker. Bullets sending blood shooting everywhere, arms flying off people from explosions, innocent bystanders scattering for cover. All the while, your uniform stays spotless and your teeth sparkling. Oh and lookie here, they dropped all their drugs and money. . . well, looks like I better pick this up for evidence. Whoops, their goes another innocent guy. . .bah, I think I smelled weed on him.

Rumour has it, all new NYPD cadets have to play this game for a week straight so they learn how to handle drug related crimes.