I saw you last night, standing with your back against the wall, at the corner of my room, where if I turn my head to the left, I can see your shadow falling on my closet. There's only a mattress on the floor, but my heart is fearful of heights, and so I sleep where my body will cast no shade. I know you're hiding there, waiting for the moment I fall asleep. You're here, hunting me, hunting my breath. If I let you in, you will kiss the base of my warmth, let your tongue slide over my eyelids and nip at the back of my neck, just at the seat under my hair.

You are an evil, a terrible being of decay, my frayed beast. It's my fault you're present at my doorstep every night now, ever since I asked you if you'd take my hand, or if you'd run like a coward. Whenever I came too close, you retreated into harsh trickery, trying to repel me. And frankly, it disgusts you more than it does me. I do not fear your fear of me. But I've promised you to laugh a little at you if needed.

Given, you shall approach from behind the corner, tasting the cool air from the open window, stepping silently with naked feet, right in front of me. Do not bend for me. I will sit up slightly, embrace you firmly and pull you down with me. All the way down to my beautiful hell.

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