1. Nile
    Location: Egypt
    Length: 6650 km
    Outflow: Mediterranean Sea

  2. Amazon
    Location: Peru, Brazil
    Length: 6437 km
    Outflow: Atlantic Ocean

  3. Mississippi-Missouri
    Location: United States of America
    Length: 6020 km
    Outflow: Gulf of Mexico

  4. Yenisey
    Location: Siberia
    Length: 5540 km
    Outflow: Arctic Ocean

  5. Yangtze
    Location: Tibet, China
    Length: 5494 km
    Outflow: East China Sea

  6. Ob-Irtysh
    Location: Siberia
    Length: 5410 km
    Outflow: Gulf of Ob, Arctic Ocean

  7. Zaire
    Location: Equatorial Africa
    Length: 4700 km
    Outflow: South Atlantic Ocean

  8. Hwang-ho
    Location: China
    Length: 4640 km
    Outflow: Gulf of Pohai

  9. Lena
    Location: Siberia
    Length: 4400 km
    Outflow: Arctic Ocean

  10. Mackenzie
    Location: Canada
    Length: 4241 km
    Outflow: Beaufort Sea

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