In my inner ear, beyond all the hearing of all other ears, the voice never dies.

I cannot say what operas it sings, what oratory it soars to...

I. . .am. . .so. . .slow to note its ways and wonders, its whys and whys not; my fingers are run ragged...

Once upon a time, the silence would end my days, now, only weakness. . .prevents. . .

. . .a deafening. . .

. . .ROAR!

Poetry of themusic

i still hear your screaming and
last night i smiled and crumbled
so perfectly torn, you left i
curled up inside of myself

                   she sang softly and carressed my cheek
                   i found tears, felt loved beyond any pain
                   and.. do you see how you have turned?
                   longing for your unattainable touch

    how did i break this?

           you've been away, so far beside me
      whispers that suggest you'd rather forget
   or, are you just trying to misplace hurt
sound memories never die..
                              we did.

i could always tell you my truth

          your lost voice carries on wind 
          floats on air that can't move
          when i hear you, i remember and
          i could never breathe your words.

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