For me this election is about tolerance versus walls.

It's back to all I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten.

Are we going to share with other people, other sexes, other religions, other countries, other ideas?

Or are we going to build walls and attempt to go back to some imaginary time when white men were MEN and everyone else was a slave or a woman or a savage to be killed or given "treaties" or a spic or a nigger or a weaker vessel or a an immigrant and white men had to rule them all because let's face it.... they are inferior.

I am not going back.

The walls are going to come down.


Be nice.

Help other people.

Corporations are not people and yes, that needs to be fixed. But that is what laws are about, right? We have a government where we try a law and if it's a stupid horrible failure, then we take it down and try again. And there are more people and it's hugely complicated.

I think it's time to let go of Horatio Alger and the false dream of wanting to be richer than everyone else. What I want is for every child to have a safe home, where the parents have an income, where there are jobs, where there is hope, where there is medical care when it is needed, where we trust the police and they trust us. Where addicts are treated and we all dye our skin the same color for a month. Where opportunity does not depend on being born into riches or going to Harvard or being white or male or straight or locked in to someone's idea of what a safe standard is.....

And we can be curious and kind.....

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