I sleep well and can sleep practically anywhere, which is handy during medical school and residency and when delivering babies or admitting someone to the ICU at 2 am.

I also can sleep through noise and bright lights. I slept through 6 bands at the 107.7 Deck the Halls Ball in the spectacularly uncomfortable seats at Key Arena in Seattle in 2014. I has taken three teens to the Ball. I was still recovering from the strep A in my lungs and muscles and slept a lot.

Right now my sleep is weird. I sleep 6-7 hours most nights, occasionally 8 or 10. A few months ago I was still crashing when I did too much and having 2-3 days of sleeping 12 hours and then it would go to 10, 8 and back to my normal of about 6.5 hours. Right now I am falling asleep early, at around 6:30 last night. Then I am up and wide awake at 1 am. Boa Cat is happy to keep me company at 1 am. This morning I have read and voted on various nodes on everything2, posted something, put up another blog post, gotten ready for work, done the dishes, and then chopped beets, cauliflower, celeriac and potatoes. They are roasting in the oven with herbs and olive oil and salt and pepper. I keep not cooking at night because I am too tired, so why not cook at 4 am? I was behind on the CSA and my fridge is a scary mass of vegetation.

Sometimes I think it's just that my brain really wants some alone time, soft time, time to putter, time that is not productive, parasympathetic time....

....so it knocks me out early and wakes me up at the hour of stupid.

I don't know why the angels woke me up this morning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUAbHhlOYhE

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