Here's a fun game/social experiment to play with your friends. Pick a person in your circle of peers. This person will not be invited along to whatever event is going on that night. Every day pick a new person. Sometimes it will be you who gets to stay home and be lonely. Don't make up lame excuses when you tell the chosen that it's their turn. Be forward.

Sally: "Hey Joe, what's up?"
Joe: "Hey Sally, nothing much, what are you up to tonight?"
Sally: "We're going to this phat party in Oakland."
Joe: "Right on, well should I come in your car?"
Sally: "Nah, Joe... Tonight's your night to stay at home."
Joe: "Oh."

Caution: this will generate animosity between friends

Besides, why wouldn't you want to stay home?

Brought to you by the social engineering network.

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