The precision of the title of this node was to distinguish it from testing your EQ (this node doesn't exist). EQ is (apparently) 'emotional quotient' as opposed to 'intelligence quotient' (I.Q.). IQ was defined by the ratio (quotient) of tested mental age to actual age, so 'Encarta Quotient' is, what? Your intelligence / Encarta's 'intelligence'. Hmmmm. Here are some questions:

  1. Which is the furthest planet from the sun?
    • Saturn
    • Pluto
    • Jupiter
    • The universe is infinite/very large so there are many many planets out there.
  2. What is protein broken down into by the digestive system?
  3. What is a single celled organism called?

That was the science section, but feel free to find the other sections: history, geography and [sic] English (which is important enough to be capitalised). Thankfully, "Questions are layed out in a multiple choice format" - in case you hadn't noticed. Sadly, emailed results are impossible without a password for no clear reason. Perhaps because the "I do not wish to recieve unsolicited correspondance from" wasn't checked.

Note : Someone wisely pointed out that 'English' is a proper noun, and should therefore be capitalised. This is spell check thinking, in my view, - languages are context sensitive, and in the context of the sentance the word is a subject and not a name for a people. Well, that's my excuse anyway.

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