When I was a lonely little kid, I used to amuse myself for hours by talking in letters. I think it probably came out of a Garfield riddle I read in Garfield's Big Fat Book of Jokes and Riddles.
It was something to the affect of:

"What seven letters did Garfield say to the fridge when he opened it?"

"O I C U R M T"

That got me thinking, and every now and again I would become downright obsessed with talking in letters for hours at a time. I used to give mock interviews to 60 Minutes news anchors in which they marveled at the little boy who only spoke in letters, and had done so for a year or two straight.

I found you could do it. You had to think quick, and I'll admit sometimes you had to squish the letters closely together, trail off after the harsh sounds of a "T" or "D", or use some numbers here and there.
But it could, and can, be done.

"U      R       S O   B U  T F L.....2   M E....K N T U   C?"

Kinda weird, I guess, much more so than plain old 3LC.

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