I spend most of my day listening to music, and there have been only two songs I've heard that contain some sort of reference to anorexia nervosa. Both are good songs, I guess, but they come from completely opposite directions.

The Bloodhound Gang
Hooray for Boobies
Three Point One Four

No age just ain't a gauge I like my girls like my cheese
Preferably for me fat-free American singles only
I want my next chick anorexic, the winner is the thinner
Won't have to take her skinny ass out to a fancy dinner
Like Sizzler she got a beef we'll chew the fat
If I forget to put the seat up I can put up with her crap

The Beautiful South
Perfect 10

Anorexic chicks
With a model 6
They don't hold no weight with me

Tori Amos
From the Choirgirl Hotel
Jackie's Strength

yeah I mooned him once on Donna's box
she's still in recovery
sleep-overs Beene's got some pot
you're only popular with anorexia
so I turn myself inside out
in hope someone will see

Funny how just one word can make you think so much.

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