A password paradigm where, when requested with a new password, the user will look around and type in the name of some object around him.

For example, presently, I can sight-generate the passwords: speaker, mouse, monitor. These would be bad passwords in general, but all the worse since any fool in front of a computer will generate the same passwords with this technique.

If you have no creativity to come up with a secure password or phrase on your own, you can always apply this technique to more than the pure nouns around you, encompassing structures and concepts around you, in addition to the strick objects. For example, I can generate the following passwords like this: largePileOfEmptySodaCans, generalAirOfDiscontent, largeAmountOfWorkImAvoidingByComingToEverything2.

This password-generation technique leaves much to be desired. First of all, although it's immediatly convienient, how often will you recall a password you grabbed from your immediate surrounds. Especially if you generated it away from your home computer? Then there's the afforementioned common-userbase duplicity that states others can make the same passwords, which in of itself isn't so bad. But if anyone knows you're a likly candidate for this technique, they could go into your room, look around, and crack into your computer within minutes.

Avoid making passwords like this. If you must, try to make it something you can remember more than five minutes after the fact, and try to secure it up a little. Try applying leet encoding to it!

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