A folk song in six-eight time with the followng lyrics: Come me own one,
come me fair one,
come now unto me
could you fancy a poor sailor lad
who has just come from sea?

But you are dirty, love,
and you're ragged, love
and your clothes smell much of tar
so begone you saucy sailor lad
so begone you Jack Tar

oft times I'm dirty, love
oft times I'm ragged, love
oft times my clothes smell much of tar
but I have silver in me pockets love,
and gold in great store

and when she
heard him say so
on her bended knee she fell
I wll marry my dear Henry,
for I love the sailor lad so well

do you think that
I am foolish love,
do you think that I am mad
for to wed with a poor country girl
when there's fortunes to be had?

I will cross
the briny ocean
I will whistle and sing
and since you have refused me offer love,
some other hand shall wear the ring

for I am frolicsome
and I am easy,
good-tempered and free
and I don't give a single penny, boys,
what the world thinks of me

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