Rubber band balls are fun. I started mine when I found accidentally the website of Megaball, which was this quite huge rubber band ball (thousands of rubber bands).

Actually, there is a Yahoo category for rubber band balls:

How to create one, you ask. That's simple. Take some rubber bands and roll them between your hands to form a ball. Then take some more and start wrapping them around the ball. It gets easier when the ball gets bigger. Then just add more and more and more bands... There are two very important principles you must follow:

  1. No foreign objects inside the ball - it must be all rubber (besides, if you put something else in, you can't count the amount of rubber bands, see below)
  2. No bought rubber bands - buying a sack of rubber bands is really cheap thing to do. Don't do it. You must receive all the bands as a gift or steal them from school or work.

Counting the bands is easy. Just weigh the ball. One rubber band is about 1.03 grams, though that might vary if you use some strange mutant rubber bands. And yeah, send me some rubber bands! Just /msg me for my mail address or send e-mail to

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