Why are red corduroy overalls an idea and not a thing?

Because. It's about nostalgia.

I'm sure you had a pair of red corduroy overalls. Actually, it might not have been overalls. It might have been that he-man t-shirt or those rainbow colored shoes. But you had it. That one peice of clothing in your childhood wardrobe that made you feel oh-so-cool. You loved to wear those overalls, with osh-kosh-b'gosh emblazoned proudly across the front, because you knew that when you were wearing those, you were something special. Elite.

Red corduroy overalls meant getting the tire swing first on the playground, or extra recess time, or getting a smooth compliment from the King or Queen of your kindergarten life.

In all my memories, I am always wearing Red Corduroy Overalls, although I'm sure I did not wear them that often. I couldn't have, even though I'm fairly sure I tried. My mom wouldn't have let me.

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