The term "rape philosopher" is a derrogatory epithet of recent vintage coined to describe candidates for US public office from the Republican Party who view straightforward questions about their position on abortion in cases of rape as opportunities to opine on deep philosophical issues related to God's intentions, Christian theology, the origins of human life, and the nature of the female body.

A few of the most notable rape philosophers of our time include Todd Akin, former Senate candidate from Missouri, who claimed that in cases of "legitimate rape," a women's body will naturally reject the pregnancy on its own, without need for abortion; Richard Mourdock, former Senate candidate of Indiana, who asserted that it is God's plan for some rapes to result in pregnancy; and former candidate for Vice President Paul Ryan, who philosophized that rape is just another "method of conception."

Of at least nine candidates for public office in 2012 who added notable corollaries to the burgeoning field of rape philosophy, all went down in defeat.*

* Paul Ryan lost his bid for the Vice Presidency, although he was narrowly reelected to the House of Representatives by his smallest margin of victory ever.

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