1 - something that kids do, mostly girls. kind of a sick game, but harmless. it's worth noting that often the house is overseen by a single mother who doesn't work and whose only reason for leaving the house is to go shopping. parents not wanting their young children to play house can generally prevent such activity by simply not providing any sort of structure large enough to contain a small child and several dollies and make-believe foodstuffs and appliances.

2 - something young, unmarried adults do, mostly in pairs. whether the game is a good one or a bad one depends on the participants, their maturity, and how long/how well they've known each other. may destroy players social lives, in that they no longer have to go out to see each other, creating an increased tendency to just sit around at home. much like younger children, players often leave the house together only to go shopping. in some cases, playing house creates an artificial feeling of intimacy which players are unprepared to deal with. parents not wanting their adult children to play house can generally prevent such activity by being rich and paying their childrens' rent so that they can move out without having to move in with their so in order to maintain their financial solvency.

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