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To make people (including myself) think...lots.
Semi-cynical, Cyclic, Untouchable
Doesn't Matter, I'll still do well
Keep looking... no, don't stop, keep looking... still haven't got it, keep looking.
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Don't step on me, you might hurt yourself (idea)
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Nothing will be known about me until all is known. If you want to learn about me, learn about your own world, and maybe read some of my write ups. Keep your eyes, mind, ears, taste buds, and nostrils open. Keep looking for the truth. If and when you find it, you will know me, because you will know what I look for, and that's all you need.

I am part of the spirit of a person. I cannot be broken or touched by normal means, although I can see new things (perhaps with help, who knows,) and grow.