A quest to create some of the best nodes within Everything, spanning everything about a given topic. This is not a task to be taken on lightly, nor with any small amount of thought put into it. The process of researching, writing, noding, and living with the thought processes that lead to the creation of all the nodes spawned by your quest should be transformative... and should not take you where you expect to go.

My current Node Quest is shown in the text of my home node... including all parameters that I am working with. As they say, It is not the destination, but the journey... and it is my wholehearted intention to change myself through my attempt to change the world.

Note, a node quest is not an Everything Quest, and should not be taken on if you expect any reward from the gods -- if you are rewarded by your node quest, it is by:

  • Learning more about the subject matter that you're questing
  • Practicing your writing, and thus becoming better at expressing yourself
  • Finding a topic within yourself that you care deeply enough about to work on creating the best nodes for
  • Increasing your nodeshare with high-quality nodes, thus increasing your writeup and experience within the system.
Remember, a node quest is not created, approved, or endorsed by the gods -- you create it, for yourself. Everything just benefits from your quest, by having large numbers of high-quality nodes added... and you have an incentive to continue on your quest, through the votes on your writeups.

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