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How to get beaten up by the police....

Ok, i'm not going to use names, both to protect the innocent and guilty. A number of years ago, i was living a one horse town just outside of Ottawa. A sorta friend of mine bopped me in the eye for something quite trivial. (His crew said, "What the hell did you that for J?"

A concerned local citizen climbed out of his car and asked me, "Do u want me to call the police? i'll testify for you."

My response was "Naw, he's like my little brother and he seems to have an anger problem. Needs meds or therapy, rather than to get a beating from the cops." (Did i say that out loud?).

i found out that another fellow i knew (aged 24) was dealing crack AND he had a 15 year old girlfriend. (Age of consent for females where i live is 16). i have nothing against crack dealers but rapists... Most especially since when he was about 14, he grabbed a 12 old young woman, tied her to a tree and raped her.

i knew where he lived and was going to use my knowledge of chemistry to gas him. As it happened, there were several dogs on the property and i don't vex the "littles". i decided to get the OPP on his ass.

More later.

My fav story about His Holiness, the Dali Lama

He was getting interviewed by Peter Mansbridge (one of the CBC's top news anchors). At one point in the interview he said, "So the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1959. They raped and killed our people. We must have been terrible to deserve such a fate. (Totally deadpan expression on the Dali's face. Peter looks a bit shocked but says nothing).

Then the Dali bursts into giggles....