Is a zine of some reknown, written by John Marr (no, not the guy from The Smiths). He has been writing this zine for more than a decade, concentrating on "the unpleasant, unhealthy, yet oddly gratifying task of reveling in the more sordid and violent side of life. Dead people in Disneyland. Santa Cruz Serial Killers. Molasses Floods. Soccer Riots". etc.

His zine is available from all good counter-culture bookstores, or you can visit his site at

Most of his zines follow a specific theme, as detailed above. He does not merely duly report on these events, but provides solid historical context, and frequently engaging (not gruesome, more representational) pictures.

For example, #15 contains:
Mormon cult killings, postal multicide update, the best kiddy ransom kidnappings, '70s confession magazines, book reviews, etc. - for a whopping $1.50

Of late, he has started creating a yearly calander of such events (never recycling events), and is featured from time to time on the

MCBF is one of the most consistently enjoyable zines ever produced. Marr picks a subject, thoroughly researches it, then presents it in a humourous and informative way. From Zoo Deaths (Marr keeps a tally of who's ahead, ie.: Polar bears 3, Humans 0) to Naughty Children (including ways in which kids would derail trains under the title Choo Choo Crash Bang), each issue is packed with black humor.

Marr also includes reviews of pulp fiction. His yearly calenders contain disasters, murders, and various other morbid dates, and have different content each edition.

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