The system used on Slashdot to get feedback on those who award moderator points to articles and their replies.

Let's say I write "First post! All geeks must die."

A moderator will soon mod it down as "Troll" or "Flamebait". That's fair moderation.

But what if some wiseguy had modded it up as "Insightful"? What if I got my friends to mod it up? That's unfair moderation.

Meta-moderation allows users to say whether the moderator was Fair or Unfair in making the judgement that they did. Someone who consistently gave high or low marks in a way that the meta-moderators felt was Unfair would no longer get moderator points.

Just a note for those of you who meta-moderate on Slashdot and also vote on E2: upvotes are to the left here, and to the right there. I'm so used to selecting the leftmost radio button that I very nearly metamoderated a whole lot of people as Unfair by mistake.

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