Mblaq is a South Korean male group created by Bi Rain, under J. Tune Camp. The name Mblaq means “music boys live in absolute quality”. It’s composed by: Seung ho, G.O., Lee Joon, Thunder and Mir.
They debuted on October 9, 2009 at Rain’s Legend of Rainism Concert concert.

• Yang Seung Ho: He’s the leader and the oldest member of Mblaq. His position is vocalist and is known as Mblaq’s father due to his big care to all members.
• G.O.: His real name is Jung Byunghee, his position is main vocal and he’s known as a mother of Mblaq because according with the others members he nags a lot.
• Lee Joon: His real name is Lee Changsun, his position is vocal and main dancer. He’s known as “muscle fool” due to his very worked body but not very well worked brain. He had already participated in a movie as Rain’s young character in “Ninja Assassin".
• Thunder: His real name is Park Sanghyun, his position is lead rapper and vocal. He’s young brother of 2NE1’s member Sandara Park. He entered in Mblaq fifteen days before Mblaq’s debut.
• Mir: His real name is Bang Cheolyong, Mir in Korean means dragon. His position is main rapper. And as his brother in law, is the Mblaq’s CEO dhe could get in without any audition. He’s the Mblaq’s maknae (youngest member).

Mblaq’s style are POP, dance music,R&B, electronic and HipHop mixed. They have a lot of Bi Rain’s influence, because he is who produced, composed and wrote Mblaq’s songs.

Mblaq’s singles:

• 2009: Mblaq released their first debute song “Oh Yeah” with the their video released two days later
• 2010: Mbalq released their second single album, “Y”, and the song title “Y” claimed first place on June, 3, 2010 on M! Countdowm.
• 2011: Mblaq released “Cry” the song has R&B style. And on July they released “Mona Lisa” which each member had choose a famous figures in history to parody.
• 2012: Mblaq released “This is war” with another secondary single “Scribble” and “Run”.

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