The magic change number is the high light of my cashiering days. Whenever the change comes up as 41 cents my little heart leaps for joy. You see 41 cents change means that i dig out one coin from each slot in my register (this is american; i apologize).

It's gotten to the point where I'm beginning to think of all my change in terms of how it relates to 41. Examples:
31 cents = 41 minus dime;
36 cents = 41 minus nickel;
66 cents = 41 plus 1 quarter
and oooohhhh 91 = 41 plus two quarters.

Yeah, i know i'm a tad bit weird...but look when you spend all day selling cigarettes to annoying little girls who feel all naughty and adults who have "gotta have a smoke" you get a little off in the head.

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