1 to 1 1/2 # 85% lean hamburger

1 package burrito seasoning (Sometimes they are also sold as taco seasoning. They only cost about $.80.)

1 can (16oz) refried beans

1 can (14 1/2 oz) Mexican stewed tomatoes or Mexican-style tomatoes

2 10oz can mild or hot enchilada (red) sauce

2 pkg. (1 1/2cup) reduced fat colby jack or Mexican-blend shredded cheese

10-12 large burrito-sized tortilla shells

1 can (7oz is best; 4.5oz will work) diced green chiles

1 small onion, chopped

To Prepare:

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

2. Brown the hamburger in a good-sized skillet. All of the ingredients except the shells are going into the mix so size your skillet accordingly. Get the hamburger almost completely cooked and then drain out that nasty grease.

3. Add the burrito seasoning, the tomatoes, the chili, the onion, and 1/2 of 1 can of enchilada sauce.

4. Stir that up and cook it for a bit to get everything hot.

5. Then toss in those beans and 1/2 of one package of cheese. Stir it all up and cook till the beans are liquefied and it all smells real good.

6. Get a 13x9 pan out (glass works best, but metal is okay) and spray it with some cooking spray. Then get the shells out and open that package. Now turn off the heat source for your skillet so your stuffing doesn't get burned.

7. Now get a good-sized cooking spoon, like those big plastic ones you use to stir soup with. Put a little less than 2 full scoops of stuff into the shell, roll it up and stick it in the greased pan. You should be able to get 8-10 in there, depending on how much you stuff the shells. Stuff as many of them in there as you can then dump the remaining enchilada sauce over all of it, make sure you get all the shells covered at least a little bit or you'll get crusty shell parts sticking out.

8. Take the rest of the cheese and spread it evenly over the whole mess. Then cover it with tinfoil. Throw the pan in the oven and wait. In 20-25 minutes you should have enchiladas to eat.


Hot enchilada sauce is HOT, so be careful. I usually use green onions for this recipe. You can never go wrong with a little tequila in a margarita or a good cold Corona to drink while making this.

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