Any point where a railway crosses a road at the same elevation (i.e., without a bridge or tunnel). Level crossings are where you're supposed to "watch for flashing lights" and/or "stop, look, and listen." (Cheese bus drivers tend to do both.)

Every year, more and more drivers have been killed in attempts to outrun oncoming trains, and this has led to new level crossings with medians and four-way gates, which corral oncoming cars and prevent them from driving around or through the crossing while a train is approaching.

A 2001 Darwin award went to a man who decided to do just that. He drove into the wrong lane, around the barrier, all the way across the crossing, and collided on the far side with a driver doing the same thing in the other direction. One driver was killed, the other hospitalized.

Neither car hit the train.

15 April 2001, Tennessee

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