The kinds of gals who like to be told, "You are as dazzling as a pregnant cow attired in electrical sockets" -- now that's a come-on line.

Personally, I find it quite flattering - there's little more feminine than a pregnant cow (after all, it's fertility! and humans use pregnant cows to breast-feed their own young, and even their pets!) and cows are quite cute. In fact, I wouldn't mind having an udder.

Oh, and electrical sockets are cool too. They're also a symbol of fertility - the coal and the fire breed to produce kinetic energy which is converted to electricity, which then nurtures your appliances and light bulbs, where in a wonderful display the electrons all lovingly breed with your components, they come with photons in their constant energetic orgasm.

I feel that it's poetry in motion. Everything's connected, everything's alive... three quarks come together to embrace into a proton or neutron, the protons and neutrons take on an electron to form an atom. They breed, they mingle, they form Everything.

Where was I?

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