If you live in Ohio, you may have to notify the government the next time you and your friends want a little beer in the privacy of your own home. Due to new liquor control board rules, the purchase of five or more kegs requires:
  • A five day waiting period before the delivery of the kegs
  • A notarized signed affadavit that contains the date, location and time of consumption for the merchant to give to the liquor control board and local police
  • It also authorizes the entrance of police and liquor agents into the private residence in order to enforce laws against underage drinking and resale of beer

Officials claim that they're just trying to know of and keep in check rowdy parties, but loud parties can be shut down after neighborbood complaints, and that last requirement's like giving the police a free search warrant. Officials have also stated that the consent given in the affadavit is conditional and may be revoked. Too bad it doesn't say that on the affadavit. The ACLU are threatening lawsuits; I'm just depressed at the fact that it'd ever come up in the first place.

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