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I recently graduated with a BA in psych. My ultimate goal is to eventually acheive an MA in psych :p then perhaps after i've acheived that, i'll know if i wanna go further... So far, i like life the way it is... and I like to just plod along with no worries... :)

I'll prolly make chatting, emailing, internet surfing my lifelong goal in the end... ha ha ha!! :)) j/k really, but for now... mebbee! :p I'm gonna learn a new language after the christmas holidays... cos i'd like to be at least bi-lingual... I know there's more to life than being just bilingual, but hey! I said i like to plod along, remember? :p

Ahhh well... each to his own... :p

Lotsa Love, Joy~*

PS: Ummm.... okay? the html codes dun work in here, but hey! it looks better than that 'all scrunched up" message I posted earlier... :| I guess i'll find the instructions later... ha ha ha!!