If you've ever thought you were disgusting, horrid or just plain hideous, then you have nothing on Jonothon Evan Starsmore, or Jono. The British born mutant has no lower jaw or chest. No lungs, heart, nothing. He cannot eat. He cannot breathe. Ever. He has no need to. In their place he has psionic fire, a raging inferno that flares up according to his moods. It's a good thing then that he's usually depressed over the turn his life has taken. No longer is the up-and-coming (or just musician, as most of his past is shrouded in mystery) teenage heart throb as some has suppositioned. Some think that he is the disinherited son of British wealth. This would explain his desires to rebel. Some believe that he was abused for most of his life, hidden away in some obscure attic as the family pet freak like in Jane Eyre. This would explain his awkwardness in social situations. So would the fact that because he has no lower jaw or voice box, he cannot speak. He is a telepath, able to 'talk' using his mind, a form of speak both haunting and difficult. What face he does have left is scarred, as if about to fall away at any moment to reveal more fire. No one knows if he can have kids, or ever even be close to another person. Once he had a girlfriend, Gayle Edgerton, whom he worpshipped. She tried to kill him after his powers crippled her. He did not even know he was a mutant when it happened. At least she can go out into public. He is now infatuated with Paige Guthrie from Kentucky. They are classmates together at a boarding school for mutants. She is an overachiever, blonde hair, blue eyes and in his mind, perfect. He feels that he can never be close to her, that he is too ugly. She thinks he is handsome. When she was drunk, he was there is help her as she was sick, and then when she kissed him, he blew up the dormitory. His emotions got the better of his, flaring the fire inside him up beyond his wildest dreams. He has been told that he is the greatest telepath in the world, that he can restore his broken body and even possibly fly. He cannot get past his depression to even attempt any of this. It has been assumed that at least at one point he was suicidal, but unable to die. He's Jono, and he's got problems. And he can't take the easy way out.

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