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Olarin Lukio, substitute teacher in Biology, Swedish and English
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Me? E2? I lurked in E2 for nearly an year before creating an account here. When I registered, I did it for no particular reason and was happy to note that my IRC nickname was still free to use.

Finished Lukio in Fall 2004, attempting to continue studies at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine, Helsinki Biomedical Graduate School. Additionally, I'm doing some Open University courses at the Helsinki University of Technology (not to be confused with the University without the Technology part), mostly on the fields of computer programming and applied psychology.

Noding things is a rather slow process for me, mostly because studying still occupies a rather large proportion of my free time, due to my perfectionist tendencies and since writing English in a lively yet understandable way is still a bit awkward to me (the fact that I scored a Laudatur cum laude approbatur in English at the matriculation examination really tells something about how the Finnish school system teaches one mostly the theory of foreign languages and not how to actually use them). Anyway, I'm trying my best. :)

A Moment's Halt - a momentary taste

Of Being from the Well amid the Waste -

And Lo! - the phantom Caravan has reach'd

The Nothing it set out from - Oh, make haste!

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