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Don't place much truck in institutions, but feel free to ask where I do most of my working and learning.
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To the kind folks who message me: I'm not on here much. Like, maybe, maaaaybe once a month I come check things out again. So, my apologies if I don't message back. Also..I don't write much, because anything else would be post-shark-apex.

So, you've decided to look at my creative art preferences, eh? Here goes:

Visual: Pencil Drawings, often comic style (especially in boring classes...Oh yeah!) Painting (kinda rare, though) Computer Stuff, using mostly photoshop and 3d programs Origami Photography

Auditory: Guitar Piano (also rare) Whistling (I think whistling is my strongest artistic ability) Singing (not too often) Computer stuff (barely ever)

Written/Conceptual: Poetry Writing on e2 (not sure of the future of this one...I might be at my shark apex) Making games (Maybe doesn't count as art...But it involves creativity, and I strongly associate the two...) Making worlds Last but not least, one that doesn't fit any of those: cooking! Go, eating yummy stuff!

There may be more...But I'll get to them later. These are all the creative things I like to practice when I get a chance to. If you've got suggestions on how I can expand my abilities with one or more of these, I'll be glad to listen. Also...If you've got whole new arts for me to look at, well, lemme at 'em! Thanks.