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Allow me to explain the above which I asked my son to help me with on the first official day of IRON NODER X: XTREME XCELLENCE. I have always had difficulty with html or formatting on E2 since I joined the ranks. Numerous noders would point this out to me and attempts would be made, in my own way, to get better. I have actually been paid money by two different schools to help children use computers. My father got grants way back in the day to set up the first computer lab at what was then Kean College, now Kean University. I have three siblings who majored in Computer Science then went on to have very lucrative jobs using that knowledge. I did not inherit those genes.

When I initially joined E2, I had a second hand computer plus a well-used hand-me-down laptop from the same son who tried to help me with vertical spacing, his words not mine. White space was requested which is the terminology of the art world. He knew exactly what I meant but was tired so I said, "Please just put the directions in my drafts," which he did at lightening speed then took a nap.

I didn't have the chance to actually read his directions until this week and they made no sense whatsoever to my prescription drug fucked mind. I approached him again at a more opportune time and added, "I'm having some issues with my keyboard and mouse and it's driving me crazy." He was coding, drinking tea, and the sun was streaming into his room, "What? Mom, you should tell us these things."

We made our way downstairs to my desktop where I demonstrated the glitchiness. His hands immediately took over, typing in what looked like lists of strange phrases and symbols. " need to update things and every now and then re-boot your computer. When was the last time you did this?" Me: "Um, er, uh, I turned the computer back on after that power outage. I think it was this tower that you guys swapped out..." He gave me an I-Cannot-BELIEVE-This-is-MY-Mother look, like I was ever a computer wiz.

Took him and the computer less than 15 minutes to update, refresh, something about it's only the software, "We'll need to do the same with your hardware. " I declined, thinking why fix something that's not broken plus was seeing hammers, screwdrivers, boxes of nails and such. So, if any of you have a parent who isn't very tech savvy, please remember we're trying to keep up but technology is a beast of mixed blessings.


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