Honey roasted peanuts are a snack food that are common, although not wildly popular, in the United States. The idea behind honey roasted peanuts can pretty much be inferred from the name. The peanuts are roasted, as many peanuts are, and they are roasted in honey, complimenting the meaty, saltiness of the peanut with sweetness. Of course, the "honey" part seems to be a bit deceptive, since most common varieties list honey as the third ingredient, behind peanuts and sugar. The honey does add flavor, but honey also speaks of nature and quality in a way that sugar does not.

And that brings us to the key point of why honey roasted peanuts are a great snack food. The producer and the consumer both have plausible deniability. A single ounce of honey roasted peanuts has 150 calories, about as much as a candy bar. They are, after all, an extremely fatty food, peanuts, rolled around in a combination of pure sugar and honey. A medium sized package of honey roasted peanuts can easily have one thousand calories, or half of someone's daily needs, in a single package. Cramming down highly concentrated mixtures of fat and simple carbohydrates is not particularly healthy, and also has something of a social stigma attached to it.

But honey roasted peanuts have something that a tube of pringles do not: they are identificable as coming from a natural food item. Not only do they have such an appearance, there is also some justification for the perception. Peanuts are a very nutritive food, and besides their high fat content, they are also rich in protein and full of other nutrients, like Iron and Zinc. They are an actual food item, even if they have been rubbed around in pure sugar. When confronted by a shelf full of snack foods, a consumer can choose honey roasted peanuts and pretend that they are eating a beautiful, natural concoction of legume and honey, and not just fat rubbed around in sugar.

Especially for people who are undergoing rigorous exercise and need a dense, high calorie food, honey roasted peanuts are actually ideal. I can't think of any other food I would rather be lost in the wilderness with. And I can't think of a more nutritious way to shove a thousand calories of fat and sugar into my maw.

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