Honey and Lemon Juice Facial

Ingredients: Instructions:

1. Combine 1 part raw honey and 2 parts lemon juice in a small bowl (i use a custard cup).

2. Mix well with finger until the honey and lemon juice is mixed together and you can no longer distinguish between the honey or the lemon juice.

3. Slather onto face. Make sure you pull your hair back if you have a lot of hair. Do not get in eyes. Your face will look really really wet after it has been coated.

4. Let the facial just exist on your face for about a minute, or more if you like. But at least a minute.

5. Wet a washcloth and wipe honey/lemon juice mixture off of your face. Rinse the washcloth and the mixing container so it doesn't dry and get sticky.

And last, feel your face. !!Have OTHER people feel your face!! It will be soft and silky and Mmmmm so cuddly.

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