Handwriting analysis, or the psychological study of handwriting, has fascinated me since I was ten and read an analysis of Albert Einstein's handwriting. The graphologist concluded that the writer (whose identity was unknown to her at the time of the analysis) had to be a genius because his letters always looked the same (meaning that all the a's looked exactly alike, and all the b's, etc...). For years afterwards I attempted to trick myself into being a genius by carefully making all of my letters exactly the same. Eventually I gave up (although my cursive handwriting does still have very similar letters as a result), but handwriting analysis remained fascinating to me.

In order to analyze yourself, try writing out a paragraph with lots of variance in words and letters. Write half on lined paper, and half on non-lined paper. For an easy example, copy out one of Hamlet's soliloquies. Now, examine your letters.

Left Margin

Does it (1)have a large space? (2)A medium space? (3)Or is it right against the edge of the paper? (4)Does it slant?

1. You're always ahead of yourself. You try to start too many things at once, and you're always looking for a new way to beat out the competition around you.
2. You are slightly indecisive (especially if this line is wavy). It's hard for you to commit to any one thing.
3. You have a strong connection to the past and often can't forget emotional things that have happened to you. You enjoy the familiar; new situations are often uncomfortable for you.
4. You are slightly timid; you don't want to begin something, but once you do you enjoy it.

Right Margin

Does it (1)have a large space? (2)A medium space? (3)Or is it right against the edge of the paper? (4)Does it slant?

1. You are slightly afraid of the future and prefer to live in the past. You are often cautious and tend to not want to start a new project.
2. You enjoy taking things slowly.
3. You are always looking ahead to the future instead of living for today. You are ambitious and competitive.
4. You often take on too much. You jump into things that you aren't prepared to follow through, or you simply underestimate the enormity of things.

On the Line?

Is it (1)above the line? (2)Below the line? (3)Or right on the line?

1. You are an optimist, and you are also very creative and adaptable. You are looking forward to the future.
2. You are either very pessimistic or have recently had a lot of problems in your life.
3. You value security and stability over all things and enjoy following the rules. You dislike challenging authority.

Slant of Letters

Do they slant (1)left? (2)Right? (3)Or are they straight up and down?

1. You don't like to be emotional; you also don't trust people readily (you are also probably left-handed)
2. You are warm and approachable, and probably very open about your emotions. (Also, you are probably right-handed.)
3. You are very calm in chaos; you rarely get violent or highly emotional.

Slant of Lines

Do they slant (1)Up? (2)Down? (3)Or are they straight?

1. You are optimistic, eager, and ambitious.
2. You are tired, either emotionally or physically. Also, you're bored (do your notes at school look like this?) and are probably not paying attention to what you're writing.
3. You have a nice temperament and probably get along with most people.

Crossing your T's

Are the crosses on your T's (1)concave up? (2)Concave down? (3)Slanted down right? (4)Slanted down left? (5)Or connected to the next letter?

1. You are probably fickle, or at least you have a hard time making a decision and sticking with it.
2. You don't like to accept help from anyone; instead, you are a very stable person who others go to for help.
3. You are a domineering person who likes to be in charge.
4.You are an optimistic person who is always looking towards the future. You are also open-minded and hopeful.
5. You have a quick intellect and a mathematical mind.

Dotting your I's

Are the dots above your I's (1)cute little circles (or hearts, or flowers, or little smiley-faces, or...)? (2)Long slashes above the letter? (3)Deformed half-circles? (4)Small dots right above the letter? (5)Or small dots off-center above the letter?

1. You have a childlike nature, and are possibly gullible and naive.
2. You probably have a harsh, abrasive personality; you are ambitious and not afraid to do anything to accomplish your goals.
3. You have a sense of irony and are probably the sarcastic voice among your friends.
4. You have integrity and are a very loyal friend.
5. You are a very impatient person who doesn't like to be told what to do and often rushes into things without thinking.

How even are the letters?

Are the letters (1)perfectly even? (2)Slightly wavy? (3)Or all over the place?

1. You are slightly uptight, controlling, and keep your emotions tightly in check.
2. You are dependable, but flexible as well. You have common sense, and are very creative as well.
3. If the line is very wavy, you are very emotional. You are also impulsive and tend to do things without thinking that most people would never ever do, even drunk.

Of course, the analysis can be wrong (ever read a horoscope and then attempted to fit your day into it?); the responses are from studies and a broad spectrum of people, so you don't have to fit them exactly.

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