There are many steps one must go through on the way from being a luser to true geekdom. Here are a few of the basic ones. Feel free to add more:

  1. Learning how to use a computer for more than chat, word processing, and playing games
  2. Graduating from AOL to a real ISP
  3. Learning about components, what they do, and how to install and upgrade them
  4. Building your first computer
  5. Posting your first Slashdot post
  6. Graduating from current point and drool operating system to Linux/*BSD
  7. Compiling your fist kernel
  8. Setting up a home network
  9. And finally, building a toaster/computer interface

1.5: Downloading and installing your own programs from the internet. I know it sounds sad, but its amazing how many people I know who get scared when the big blue installation screens come up with the legal mumbo jumbo. Though, due to the massive increase in spyware, it's probably better that people give some consideration before they start installing anything they download.

10. taking down your university's network from a library terminal (usually vt100) that some idiot forgot to log out of.

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