I can't understand why anyone would sell yogurt with the fruit at the bottom. Do they think yogurt eaters need wrist-strengthening exercises? It is supposed to be some sort of treat - a whole bunch of fruity pulp for whoever eats the yogurt plain? A wonderful surprise for idiots who think they've been duped into buying plain yogurt? What?

When I buy fruit yogurt, I want it stirred. I want it thoroughly blended by a factory-inspected blending machine before it's sealed in that light-blocking plastic container with the tin-foil top. Why the hell would I want to stir it myself? To make sure it's done right? I think a factory-inspected blending machine can do a better job blending the fruit that I can.

Besides... I need my wrist for other stuff.

Actually, I'm one of those yogurt eating freaks who likes the fruit to be on the bottom, waiting patiently to be stirred in. My reasoning is simple..

It tastes better. I don't know why, or if maybe I'm just loonie, but I'm quite sure that the fruit doesn't taste quite so fruity after it's been stirred in and floating in the yogurt for weeks beforehand. The fruit at the bottom can hold it's fruitiness better when it's lumped together, methinks.

Also, it gives you something to do, makes you feel like you're preparing your yogurt. Ha. :)

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