Filtering software is a good idea in theory, but when actually put to use it causes many problems in today's schools.

For instance, filtering stops any searches students might make for hot tamales, because of hot.

The number of words that are restricted by these filters is amazing, and also devistating. Stopping many students from finding the educational sites they need for projects and general learning.

There are ways for students to get around these filters, but many don't know how, and are just starting out on their computer learning path. Because of the blocks placed on their searches many students are getting discouraged because they can't find what they need. This could lead not only to a bad grade in school, but also a dislike for the internet itself.

I understand that without these filters some students would be abusing school internet priveleges by looking for and using sites that they shouldn't, but for the most part these filters do more harm than good.

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