The trademarked slogan of Adobe.

Apparently what this refers to is the fact that they have plastered an ad with this slogan on taxi cabs, all over the United States.1 I mean, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, you can't go five minutes without seeing a taxi with this ad on it.2

Or maybe it is referring to the ubiquitous nature of documents in Adobe's PDF format3 - except that it's not really all that ubiquitous... maybe it's talking about something else that Adobe produces? - except that I can't think of anything that is theirs that is "everywhere I look"... maybe they're just deluding themselves?

Thinking is painful.

1 I, of course, have no evidence of this; I have only actually seen these ads in Boston, but I also only saw IBM's Peace, Love, and Linux ads here too, and it turns out that they were nationwide, so I figure that the same thing must hold true for this ad. Plus, they have the slogan on the front page of their website, for what that's worth.

2 ... and by this I mean, "while driving around the city for about an hour, I saw the ad somewhere around five times."

3 yes, I realize that "PDF" stands for "Portable Document Format", so "PDF format" is redundant. Well... I have no excuse for it, other than that "... documents in Adobe's PDF" sounds funny.

Everywhere you look... you see a graphical design made with Adobe software.

Adobe owns the advertising market. Corel Draw and Corel Photopaint couldn't hope to make a dent, and there just aren't any other valid options. That's the whole point of the advertising campaign.

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