Another, slightly longer term for an oxymoron. Equal but opposite refers to the tendancy for magnetic opposite groups to form in response to each other.

Equal but opposite can be seen in all aspects of society. A few examples:

In all these cases, groups form to support either side, and grow in direct proportion to each other. Similar to the Cold War-era buildups in nuclear weapons.

Perhaps an illusion. All through grade school I was looking for someone to teeter-totter with who was both willing and also approximately my same weight. It did not really materialize.
Now I've got a best friend who weighs about roughly what I do, and also is eight inches taller than me. We are no match for each other. It's to the wind to say which one of us is unhealthy.
You've got to concede the right and necessity of the other half, to have a proper tug of war or balancing act. One party may, and one party mayn't. Or maybe there's two boys, they've got the same troubles and blemishes, and both of them drive me to distraction. I marry one and murder the other. Hormones really discriminate, and so might one's political stance.
You can be pro-choice AND pro-life, you can love as many people as you love, learn to write with both hands, drive or live on either side of the street. Just remember that everything has its consequences, and in between the dark and light are infinitely frustrating shades of grey and colors, not all of which we can see.
Give and take is almost never equal.

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